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When you hear the word “disaster,” what do you think of? Probably just big things like a flood or fire, right?

But disasters are anything that can set back your business or cost you money.

Think of IT prepares your business for the future by implementing a Backup and Disaster Protection Plan to secure your technology against any threat the future might hold. It’s not just about getting your data back after a disaster: it’s about planning for how you react before, during, and after the event to not only recover your data but to safeguard your ability to get back to work. Call us at +1 940-692-1119 to learn more.

How do we do it?

  • Backing up not only your important files, but also your applications and other IT systems, so everything you use is safe from potential disaster.
  • Testing all your backups every time they’re created, so we can ensure you’ll be able to rely on them in the event of a real disaster.
  • Planning with you and your staff to create a written procedure focused on quick and simple recovery in the face of disaster, so you can rely on your technology as a vital tool in continuing to execute your business needs, goals, and operations.
  • Enabling you to boot up all of your IT systems in the cloud if necessary, so you can work from home or another office in case your in-office equipment is compromised

Think of IT serves as a complete IT department for your business, without the cost of actually hiring a full IT department. Treat us as a complete extension of your business – we’ll focus on the technology so you can focus on what’s important: getting work done. Call us at +1 940-692-1119 or email us at today.